Saturday, July 27, 2019

New Chisels from Stanley Covington

My UPS girl delivered a pack of chisels from Stanley Covington the other day.
This time push chisels to fill in a couple of blank spots and he threw in a very nice old stock marking knife.

If you are thinking about buying some Japanese chisels you can't do better than Stan. If you can't tell I'm a fanboy, he has great knowledge and his customer service can't be beat. I think on these last chisels the time between the "go ahead" email and the UPS girl visit was three days. All the way from Japan, it doesn't get better. 

I normally fit all four long stretcher tenons to their mortise prior to glue up, this time I some way missed one tenon/mortise. Yesterday when I went to assemble the base so I could mark the mortise for the keys it would not go together. Damn I hate when that happens. Anyway after some butt scratching I got a caliper out and the #2 mortise was a solid 3mm small. I'm glad it is just a single brain fart and not a problem with all the M/T's.

Base unit on the bench to open up the mortise:

This part of the build is taking forever, mostly because of the heat and the day job. Whatever I'll keep beavering away until it looks like a bench.



  1. Hum, at the rate you are coll..err..accumulating chisels, you will need a chisel till for sure :-)

    Bob, with a mere 67 chisels to pick from :-)

  2. Bob,

    I'm afraid to count mine. I admit to a little bit of collectionitis, I've wanted to collect and preserve pre-WWII Marple chisels. Not so much to use even if they are great users but to preserve one of the best examples of Western chisels ever made. The Japanese chisels are somewhat the same except different. This time it is to get complete working sets while the old blacksmiths are still alive.

    Of course when I die it will have all been in vain. MsBubba and the kids will box 'em up and pay someone to haul them off.


  3. if you dont mind me asking how much did each of the sizes of those Japanese paring chisels cost? I am looking for some new ones as well!