Tuesday, July 16, 2019


With two days off over the weekend I only managed to get one base unit glued up. There was too much running the streets, honeydoes to be done, and entertaining MsBubba in the pool to get to the second unit.

The first base unit out of the clamps:

Second base unit awaiting glue up:

Saturday evening was our first Monsoon rain of the season. Most of the day MsBubba was complaining about Monsoon being a bust and we were not getting any rain. Wrong pool breath, the thunder soon ran us out of the pool followed very shortly by rain.

View out the back garden:

In 30 or so minutes it rained enough to fill the pool, turn the back gully into a raging river as it did the street in front, and flood my shop, which never happens.

We got a second Monsoon rain Sunday night, not as much but still pretty good.



  1. Oh boy, that's a lot of rain...
    Hope you did not suffered damage in the rain invading your shop.

    Sandbags at the door before next one??

    Bob, who has not experienced Moonson rains in a long long time :-)

    1. Bob,

      Yep, sure was. This time it had almost no wind and only a small amount of hail but lots of water.

      The shop is ok, a few boards got wet on the ends. That's about the extent of the damage and of course being the desert it all dried almost as quickly as it happened.

      BTW, a couple of years ago we had a microburst pretty much centered on our house. There was not as much rain but for a couple of seconds the wind was unbelievable and did a fair amount of damage.

      Our rocks are much happier now :-).