Saturday, July 27, 2019

Base Together, Keys Marked

The base went together so I could mark the long stretcher key mortises. Once those are chopped the base is finished.

Next up is installing the slab followed by the vise install. I'm still undecided on BenchCrafted with crisscross vs. Lake Erie wood screw and parallel guide. Still a little time to make up my mind.

That is it for the day, the shop is getting hot and the day job calls. Three to four hours of orals today and six to seven hours Sim check tomorrow. Not too long ago we would do the whole thing in one day, what a ball buster for everyone involved.



  1. Looking good! Lots of fluids and salt.

    1. Thanks Stan.

      With the heat and work schedule this has been one of my longest builds. That may be a good thing because as posted I'm still undecided on which vise screw to use and still looking for a slab.