Friday, November 30, 2018

No Work On Bench Today

Yesterday was one of those days that kick this OF's butt. I walked in the door of the office at 1400 and didn't walk out until 0200 this AM. All twelve hours were at a high stress level with the Feds looking over my shoulder. I will not go into details but let's just say because of client performance I was on a high wire without a net most of the day. My ass is still dragging. The good news is that scenario will not be repeated for at least a year.

I did have to run a rescue mission for MsBubba this morning and while out of the house I stopped by the woodstore. There I found a nice 8/4 hunk of Red Oak that is perfect for the vise chop. The vise backer is ready to work and I now have the wood for the chop. Tomorrow AM I'll start the vise install. By the end of the day my back will be whimpering no mas no mas. I'm not sure how many slab remove and replace there will be before the install is finished but it is a good number.

Time to go to the RV and watch Rachel, Friday's are almost always kick ass,



  1. Who's Rachel? You tube, TV, Net Flick,......?

    1. Ralph,

      Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Pretty much the sharpest tack in the box. She is the only thing I watch with any regularity and even then it is sporadic,


  2. I am trying hard not to watch any cable news at all. I read the major national newspapers and that's enough. I am speculating that Ms. Bubba makes you watch it in the RV because she doesn't want to hear it?

  3. Andy,

    Rachel is smart, does her homework, and her program is never a shout fest. Don't watch or you might get hooked :-). It is also the only TV I watch.

    No MsBubba will sometimes come out to the RV and watch for a few minutes before she gets lost and bored (Scottish and hasn't a clue how the US system works), the real reason I watch in the RV is it is the only TV. The reason for Dish in the RV is because internet is so spotty on the road.