Sunday, November 25, 2018

Second Base Is In The Clamps

The second base unit is in clamps, no photo because it looks just like the first base unit. I'll let it cure till tomorrow AM. Once the second base is out of the clamps I'll assemble the bases with the long stretchers and mark out the mortises for the tusk tenons.

Like the first base this one is a couple mm out of square but with zero wind and a small gap or two in the joints. The gaps will be easy enough to hide, my question is why. Whatever it is a workbench.

BTW, this sucker is in the short rows.



  1. There is no pic to back up that claim.

    1. LOL Ralph,

      It would look just like the one posted yesterday :-).

      The next post will have a photo of the base and stretchers connected. No slab on it because it is a heavy sucker, a bit above MsBubba's weight class.