Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bench Peg Mortise And Fitting Slab

Drilling the peg mortises:

Cleaning up long (back) peg mortise:

Slab installed:

I've found for the first time fitting of the slab it is best to back the tusk tenons off a bit. Get the slab settled on the pegs then reset the tusk tenons to draw everything up tight. After fitting I tested the bench both lengthwise and across to see if I can move it. This sucker is solid there ain't no way no how it will move, short of a Mack truck running over it.

Time to fit the vise. First up chop or vise backer makes no never mind. I may start with fitting the vise backer because it is ready to work on. I still have not settled on wood for the chop.


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