Saturday, June 02, 2018

White Mountains

We spent a long weekend in Alpine, AZ. Alpine is just over 8000' MSL, the nights were in the 30's and days not over 75F. It was delightful. I left the portable workbench in Tucson because it was going to be a short stay. We are going back the 4th. of July for a longer stay and the bench will be going. It will be good to give it a proving run before Oregon in Sept.

I'm making a "Changing Table" for the expected new Grandpeanut. It is marked out for the most part and about half the mortises are chopped. I expect it will be slow going because it is Summer in Tucson and shop time is limited by the heat in addition to my work schedule.

Because the mortises are narrow and a little deep I'm using the drill and pare method. I must say it is going well so far. You gotta love a good set of Jennings bits and a brace.

These are the two back legs, the front legs will connect with a double tenon lower stretcher and a dovetail top stretcher. In addition to the drawer there will be a lower shelf to hold wicker baskets.

More photos to follow once there is enough done to kinda see what it will look like.



  1. Steve D7:37 PM

    The White Mountains are in NH.

    Is this a knockdown Moravian changing table with a wooden diaper vise? Maybe some bench hooks?

    1. Steve,

      Those in NH are hills, These go over 10,000 MSL :-). You laugh but I thought about making it knock down to save shipping cost. Between MsBubba's airline flights, motorhome trips to Houston, and shipping furniture this kid is going to cost a bundle.

      BTW, my next project is a dining table that will be knock down with tusk tenons and two tops with two sets of stretchers that can be changed as needed. I've also another small Moravian bench in the pipeline. Now all I need is time.


  2. Steve D6:21 AM

    Highest wind speed on the planet.

    I like low mountains because I can breathe when I hike.