Thursday, June 28, 2018

Being Old Sucks

I've been feeling ragged out for several days. I blamed it on work schedule and lack of a good night's sleep. Yesterday as I was doing my prep work for the day's Sim I thought "this feels like Afib, let's check it out with the little handy dandy portable EKG attachment on my phone." Sure enough it reported "possible Afib" with a pulse of 120 bpm. Damn, I thought that shit was over. It had been several years with no trouble. I went ahead and did the Sim secession and once home took my meds, MsBubba gave a listen and said while the rate was a little high the beat was trying to convert. I'll monitor today and decide if I can give the afternoon check ride or go to the Doc. The good news is after today I'm off until the 9th. The bad is I'm still old.

Just checked pulse and BP, the heart rate is near normal of high 60's low 70's and BP is a little low. I may be converting. BTW, sorry about the old fart's rambling about medical conditions but this blog is my journal and is how I keep track of "stuff".

On to, maybe, something of more interest. The changing table is together and is waiting on MsBubba finding time to paint the base. I'm putting together the drawer. The tails are cut, next are the pins and the bottom grove. As I fully expect in a year or so the changing table will become fire wood the drawer will have a applied front of what ever wood the top ends up made from and the drawer will have metal slides. That said, the table is stout with all the joints either draw bored or pegged.

The top will be attached with "Z" hooks and I plan on putting a rail around it to help hold the changing pad. The rail will be attached with loose fitted dowels that have been "blind pegged" so the rail can be removed when no longer needed. As stated above I've a few days off before the 4th's trip to the White Mountains (I'm still advocating for Mexico but expect to be overruled) so my part of the build should be finished in a few days.

BTW, we in the States are fucked. When you think it can't get any worst, it does.



  1. Ditto on the old thing.

    1. Ralph,

      MsBubba says afib is brought on by fatigue and booze, which describes the last couple of months. I doubt I'll do anything about the whisky but it may hasten retirement by a year or so.


  2. I know how you feel first hand about the effects of aging. I try to think of it as an opportunity to practice equanimity.

    As for the top of the changing table, I think sapele is the best choice for two reasons. You have it on hand. It has very high rot resistance which seems like a nice attribute in a changing table.

  3. Im with Andy, go with sapele for his nicely put wording... No shit heh! :-)

    Bob, who still think you should retire sooner than later... Relax and smell the saw dust, huuuh the roses ...

  4. Andy,

    You are correct, the Sapele would make a better top but all my Sapele stock is 8/4 and really nice. I just couldn't make myself re-saw it to 4/4. I found some garnly 5/4 Cherry shorts for a good price. Unless something better comes along My guess is the top will be Cherry.