Saturday, June 30, 2018

BBQ Today

The pit is smoking, the brisket has been rubbed and placed for the last couple of hours. The WX is good for BBQ, little wind and hot so the pit stays on temp with little tending. That's the good news, the bad after kinda putting one coat of milk paint on the changing table MsBubba finked out. I believe her words were "no mas, no mas".

Anyway, dual duty today, paint brush in one hand, BBQ chef's hat in the other.

The drawer is glued up, the Cherry is rough dimensioned and is waiting to be joined and glued. I hope this sucker will be finished by the early part of next week and shipped out. I'm ready to get it out of my shop.

Shop sized Moravian work bench is next. It will be very much like the portable bench except with a thicker slab (I expect a glue up), and some place close to 2400mm long and 600mm wide.  For the base I'm dithering between Oak and Poplar, Unless something else wonderful comes along the slab will be Beech.

BTW, between BBQ, the bible thumpers, and political folks at my door it is hard to maintain concentration. I may just give up and watch the pit with whisky in's Saturday.



  1. Hi Ken

    Watching the pit with a whisky in hand sounds like a mighty fine idea!

    Brgds Jonas

  2. Jonas,

    Yep, it was even better. We watched the pit with whisky in hand from the pool.