Sunday, January 21, 2018

Woodcraft Parking Lot Tool Exchange

The tool sell/exchange went very well. I was able to sell close to $600USD of my dust collectors including the Stanley 45. I traded a near complete #3 Bedrock for a Stanley #3 and a pig sticker iron for a 5" throw brace for the only extras that followed me home.

I haven't used the brace yet but I sharpened the #3's cutter, found a replacement leaver cap (the one on it was not correct for type and was chrome plated) that while not correct for type was not shiny and put the #3 to work smoothing some Cherry boards I had just finished truing. It worked like a champ and I expect it will be my goto #3.

I would expect most folks that come to a woodworking tool exchange to have some basic knowledge of woodworking tools. Apparently not so sawdust breath, I can't tell you how many time someone would pick up say, a marking gauge, and ask what it was used for. Of course that gave me a chance to romance the marking gauge and even sell a few. Marking knifes and squares sold very well and the chisels did OK. What surprised me was all but one of the back saws sold.

I would not want to make a habit of doing boot sales but I did get rid of a few dust collectors and had a pretty good time talking to folks.



  1. Good for you. I bet you were probably the one with the most tools on his sale table :-)

    Bob, who could uses one of those sale...

  2. Bob,

    Thanks. My friend Bridger had a table next to mine and it would be a toss up which had more tools but I expect his had a few more but other than his table you are correct.

    I'm not a boot sale kinda guy but it sure was nice to shed a few.