Sunday, January 14, 2018

Last Week

Last Week was a tough one, I had the Flu but worse than the Flu was the anger and embarrassment. I can and will recover from the Flu. I doubt I will ever recover from the anger and embarrassment.



  1. You and I are having parallel experiences. So much for flu shots.

    As for your anger and embarrassment, I try to stay away from politics in my blog and online comments, but there are times when a line is crossed. This is one of them. The comment is a desecration of our national soul.

    I go through stages: incredulity, anger, shame, disgust. Despite what many say, I choose to believe that my fellow Americans are better than this. November will reveal our soul. For me, this isn't about politics or policy, it's about national character.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I did not read the last post (now edited or removed?), but I can't guess about the subject of ridicule (or anger).

    Last summer, we had foreign guests and they all politely avoided any discussion about our national shame figure. But they spared no words of disdain about our elders and leaders who are not part of the White House but who are willing to sell their souls. Country first means nothing to these people.

    The only countries that are gaining in the next three years are Russia, China and may be North Korea.

  3. Anonymous,

    There was not a earlier post on the subject, I figure everyone would know the source of anger.

    I deal with international clients every day and while politics goes out the door when I put the monkey suit on it becomes very difficult to stick to that policy. I hope we and the world can survive until it ends.


  4. Andy,

    Yep, Flu shots are great for last year's Flu, not so much for this year's.

    Pretty much the same here but as you say the line has been crossed but this is only the last of many times. Sometimes I wish there were a Hell because Trump, his voters, and enablers would burn forever in the lowest level. Someday I will say how I really feel :-).