Monday, January 15, 2018

Back to Photos of Planes

Before the Winter Solstice break and my bout with the Flu I was slowly working through photos of some of my user planes. The last photo posted was of the wood stock smoothing planes that are most used. Today's post will be of some of the joinery planes.

While these planes are not used every day, most will be used on every project. Not included in this photo are the wood stock joinery planes. There is a wood stock plane option for each of the planes other than the router and the match planes. The woodies are used about equally to the others but lately the wood plow has been getting a little more love than the Veritas plow.

I found and ordered a beautiful Auburn Tool Co Rosewood and Boxwood plow today, my late Winter Solstice gift from me. I know, I need another plane of any kind like the well known hole but it is a sickness....My name is ken and I'm a toolaholic... But whatever, it sure is pretty.  Photo when it arrives.



  1. Hi Ken

    The Veritas skewed rabbet planes are such a joy to use. There is something almost magical about making those curly shavings.
    I have a couple of wooden rabbet planes too, but I have never taken the time to get properly acquainted with them. The Veritas does such a good job that I have never felt the need to experiment in that field.

    On another note, I am seriously considering getting myself an old Z├╝ndapp Bella scooter. There is a semi restored basket case for sale not that far from my place.

    Jonas (Who is back at work and sitting near a computer again).

  2. Steve D6:33 PM

    Hi Ken,

    Was your flu episode with or without the benefit of a flu shot. I haven't had mine yet and they are supposed to be of limited effect this year. Can't beat the price though...

  3. Jonas,

    I go back and forth between the wood stock rabbets and the Veritas both do a good job just in different ways. Like you say , there is a lot of pleasure with the way the shavings pile up.

    I hope you go for the Zundapp, I can remember wanting one when I was still young. I hope you will post photos if you do.


  4. Steve,

    I almost never get a Flu shot. This year's shot is always for last years Flu, seldom works for the current Flu. I figure it is a waste of time, so in answer, my go at it was without benefit of a flu shot.


  5. Nice herd of Veritas products, my countrymen thank you :-)
    I never played with the new LN No 48, but really like my old Stanley 48 Type 2.

    Flue shots here, are free, i usually gets mine every year, but im late this year...

    Bob, back from a dream vacation

  6. Bob,

    Where did you go or is it a State secret. With you military types you never know :-).