Friday, January 19, 2018

Wood Stock Plow Planes

The Veritas Small Plow Plane is a very good metal plow but like all metal plows the shavings are ejected on to the fence. It's not a big deal but you have to be aware of the shavings. BTW, our local Woodcraft is having a tool exchange in its parking lot tomorrow. In the background of the first photo are the tools I'm taking to sell. On the right side is a Stanley 45 complete with all the cutters and in the original box. I've been toting that thing around for 40 or so years. It is an example of a not very good metal plow and I'm tired of the toting and the space it takes up. Damn that was a tasty rabbet (bad I know) back to the subject. Wood stock plows eject the shavings onto the work so they do not foul the fence. Like I said the difference isn't or at least shouldn't be a big deal...But it is to me.

Another not a big deal difference between metal and wood is the cutters of the wood plow are easier to sharpen for no other reason than they are longer and bigger. A big deal difference is the depth stop. On most wood plows it is positive and long. In other words it works and with out worry of slipping. The fence tends to be longer and deeper as well and it is more comfortable to pressure against the work piece. You might get the idea I really like wood plows vs. metal plows :-).

The Sandusky plane on the left is one I've had for a number of years and it works very well. The Auburn Tool Company plow on the right is new to me. I didn't need it but damn it sure is pretty, near mint with just a couple of chips in the threads. Did I mention that it sure is pretty.

Best I can tell from a couple of test cuts there is little difference functionally. I expect I will keep one set up with a #4 iron and the other with a #5 and 90% of the time use the one with the needed cutter.

A glamor shot:

A box of mint Jennings bits came with the plane shipment yesterday. What can I say other than I'm a sick puppy.



  1. No, no, not a sick puppy.... and I should know :-)
    Agreed, wooden plows are a tad easier to uses, if only because of the better registration of the fence and depth stop AND the way the eject shavings...

    Bob, catching up

  2. Bob,

    Good to hear from you, every thing ok? Or just like everyone too damn busy?


  3. Nope, just back from a Caribbean vacation, all inclusive
    Bob, who does not quite tan

  4. Bob,

    MsBubba and I were talking about doing the same in March but I think she decided to just go the Mexico. I'm easy with either.