Monday, April 25, 2016

You Gotta Love Hot Hide Glue

I'm working on the inside of the tool box. I needed a break from moving that sucker around. With making the partitions and trays there is no lifting and grunting, just some ass scratching trying to figure out where everything goes and how big it needs to be. The good news is once the lower tray runners are installed right or wrong it is pretty much a done deal except for deciding on one more or two more trays.

For installing runners and dividers inside a box there ain't nothing better than hot hide glue because it is almost impossible to set clamps. With hot hide glue you can just do a "rub joint". As you should be able to see in the photo, the lower runners are setting on a spacer as I wait for the glue to cure.

Once the glue cures I'll decide on one or two more trays. I'm leaning towards two more but....I need to see how much space is left after the the lower tray is completed.

The saw till is on the left side of the photo (will be the front of the tool box) and it has 4 slots for saws. I figure two hand saws, one X-cut and one rip and two back saws both carcass. space on the right is for the molding planes and H&R's. Center area is for the bench planes and maybe a joinery plane or two. 

I expect there will be room for a chisel till on the front wall over the plane till and maybe on on the back wall as well, it will depend on how wide I make the trays.

No matter how big you make it, and this box is too big, you run out of room before you run out of tools.


  1. OK so the teddy bear and the tonka's goes in the middle then? :-)

    Bob, ducking kidney stones :-)

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Your wife first said it was to big for travel, then she makes it a toy box.
    Don't give her a copy of Paul Sellers'book Essential Woodworking Tools, if you don't want to be limited to a starter kit.(But then it might be ok, especially for travel?)
    The bottom line is probably a spoon carving Tool set.
    I have looked at back issues but didn't find it. How tick are the panels?

  3. Bob,

    This may be my practice box, my guess is there are several big boxes in my future as SWMBO stated "Anything you build for one has to be done for the others."

    Hell of a lot easier building candle boxes, I wonder if I can sell the idea of only "Matchbox" toys for the peanut.

    All I can say is I'm glad it is on wheels.

    I think of Heather daily, a ear rub for Rudy is all he needs, but take care of yourself as well,


  4. Sylvain,

    I tell you, the woman can give you whiplash. Sometimes I look like the RCA dog with my head cocked to one side, wondering where did that come from. BTW, the true sign you are getting too old is when you feel the need to explain your cultural references.

    As I have posted, the Cypress moves a lot. I would get the panels trued up and come back to 'em the next day and they would be out of wind. I finally gave up, trued 'em as best I could and cut the joinery relying on the dovetails to pull the box true. It worked OK, the box isn't the truest I've built nor are the dovetails my best work but it is true enough. Pooky and paint will hide the dovetails.

    Sorry for the digression but in answer to your question: I wanted 20mm or thicker panels but ended up with about 18mm panels by the time I cut the joinery and put the sucker together.

    Damn Bubba, someones asks a simple 'Yes/No" question and you have to write a book. Too many years of instructing or maybe just OF's syndrome.