Monday, April 04, 2016

Back To Chopping

Because of the size of the panels I used a turning saw to saw most of the pin waste on the tail boards. It works and is faster than chopping and paring but......There is that damn but, life would be so much easier with out buts. With no support and a soft wood like Cypress if there is any waste greater than a mm I do not think you can get a chisel sharp enough to prevent tear out. Anyway that's my story. On the pin board I've gone back to my normal chop/pare leaving support wood in the socket until the last little chop.  It makes a much nicer socket floor. The only problem is it is slow.

Work forgot I'm alive this week and I've a few days off in a row, yesterday I had entertainment duties but today has been a shop day. By tomorrow I should have a box or at least four sides to a box.

Here is a photo checking the floor of the pin sockets:

The Cypress is easy to work other than needing care to prevent tear out and denting easily but damn it loves stupid wood tricks. I've given up on trying to keep it square and flat. I figure once I glue it up the dovetails will hold it close enough for a tool chest. If not, maybe it will make a good butt massager.



  1. I wonder why this glue never caught on? After reading how it is made it is certainly a lot easier than hide glue. Maybe it was because of it's longer cure time vs hide glue's shorter set up time.

  2. Sorry about the first comment Ken. I thought I had clicked on Andy's post. Delete it as it makes no sense.
    As for chopping vs sawing - I chop. I don't a clock to punch or a deadline to meet. And I don't mind doing it.