Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tool Box Update

I've been beavering away on the tool box, at least my version of beavering away. I just finished glueing the upper skirt on. Tomorrow will see the bottom installed and a start on the rails and stiles for the top. I expect I'll wait for the Plano panel vise to arrive before glueing up the top's central panel.

I may start on the trays as well. The box is sized for three trays, one large and two smaller ones. 

It could all go reasonably quickly, the Doc will not give me a return to work sign off for another week....Oh darn, I have to stay home and work in the shop.

Anyway pooky and paint on the outside, enough tools inside to hide the mistakes. It should work well for it's intended job and not be too ugly.

The "splotchy" look is where I used a wet rag to wipe glue off just before taking the photo. There was a bunch of it on the end panel. 


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