Saturday, April 30, 2016

First Coat of Paint

Just what the title said. I'm making the second tray while waiting for the first coat of "Red Pepper" milk paint to dry.

It will take a couple more coats of the Red Pepper and then it will be decision time....Stay Red or use a overcoat of another color. One of the things I like about Milk paint is as it wears it doesn't flake but will reveal the paint and/or wood under the top coat. If I decide to go with a different top coat the question is.....Which one? Black always works well with a red under coat, I've never tried Blue over red and think it might be interesting. I expect yellow or green would be kinda indifferent.

Whatever I'm ready to move on to either the travel work bench or some shop furniture, unless MsBubba has other plans.



  1. I think that red paint will go well with the grand's peanut teddy bears :-)


  2. Well, with the shoulder and other assorted maladies, you sure get a lot done! I really like being able to see the grain through the paint. I wonder if that will still be true after a couple more coats.

  3. Bob and Matt,

    Hey he's a manly, man Texan...ain't no Teddy Bears in his future. Only spitting, cussing and riding bulls or is that BS :-).


    See above :-).

    I've tested the shoulder and as long as I'm careful I can saw, chop, pare and even plane....Forget to be careful, "damn, I will not do that again. At least until the next time". Lifting and moving stuff is another story.

    For me that is one of the many things I like about Milk paint. Unlike other paints it does not form a "film" covering your wood. You know there is wood that has been worked under the color.