Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Glued Up

The sucker is glued up.

When it has been awhile since the last big box glue up you forget just how much work it is to do without a helper. Everything is too far away, falls off, or slips. Anyway here is my basic set up for solo glue up:

Checking the position and making sure things fit:

Glued up and square for now. We will see when the clamps come off, as you can see I had to pull it square....Never a good sign. Other than being very soft the Cypress was nice to work with hand tools but.....At least this batch of Cypress, never stopped doing stupid wood tricks. I finally gave up and figured the dovetails will pull it straight enough for a tool box or it will make a nice fire. Once out of the clamps what will it be, firewood and I start over or I make a lid and some trays. Either way works for me. 

While waiting for decision time, tool box, firewood, tool box, firewood.....It is on to cleaning out the shop.

I'm making three piles. The first is "junk" no one would want and going to Goodwill, the second is for Craig's List, things that are too big to ship or not worth much but still too good for Goodwill, and the third is a eBay pile, some of which I'll list here as well. One of the eBay items will be my Tormek T-7 system with most of the accessories and three wheels, the standard, a Japanese 3000 water stone, and a (IIRC) 180 CBN wheel. Watch the blog because I'll list thing here first before listing on eBay.



  1. I am sure it would be fine. Interesting caul idea ou got there, simpler than trying to make a custom one everytime and fully adjustable. :-)
    Are you making an ATC chest?


  2. Bob,

    Kinda but not really. I've let CS do most of my butt scratching but.....

    I don't do plans well, every time I try I make firewood. Sometimes I make firewood whenever but outcomes are usually better when I wing it and change and fix on the go.

    Pat has already informed me the chest is too big. My response was it needed to be that big to carry the needed tools. I don't think she bought it.

    Maybe I missed the email or post but I haven't seen any thing about Heather other than she was not going to be in the test group. I hope I haven't missed anything.


    P.S. Rudy is looking quite spiffy.

  3. HI Ken
    No you havent missed anything, She has now run out of options and she is in palliative terminal care at home... :-(

    Rudy and I are doing our best to keep her comfortable till the end.

    Bob with a heavy heart

  4. Bob,

    That's what I thought. I'm so sorry, my heart goes out to all of y'all. Take care, I'll give Pat an extra hug tonight.