Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vanity In The Short Rows

After the disaster of the composite top I dug out some Walnut and glued it up. Out of the clamps it is flat with no wind so clean up shouldn't take long.

I finally broke down and let a Festool track saw of my very own follow me home from the wood store. I'd been borrowing their demo unit for a couple of years every time I needed to cut a table top to size....It was time to step up and do the right thing.

Here is the Walnut slab on my bench with the vanity base in the background:

I don't know if I had mentioned before that I decided on metal runners because it is going into a bathroom. They are ugly as granny panties but they work well no matter what the case does. 

The bath is painted and tiled, the vessel sink is waiting in a box, all that is left is to fit the slab and make a couple of drawer fronts. It will be good to call this one finished.

As posted yesterday I received a new Bad Axe saw in the mail. I had thought my saw collection was complete until Mark came up with this one. It hits all my dovetail "log into PayPal" hot spots, a narrow 12" saw plate, with an aggressive tooth filing, a open tote, and just enough bling to put a smile on my face with every glance.  

Anyway here is its glamor shot:

It saws true and fast. I expect the other dovetail saws will gather a lot of dust.


  1. Hi Ken,
    any particular reason why the height of ther drawer boxes are smaller then the openings?

  2. Ralph,

    It just looks that way because of the angle, I have 20-30mm to play with between the top of the drawer boxes and the upper rail.

    A bath re-do is kinda like a road trip, the fun ends with 100 miles still to go. I stopped having fun when the composite top didn't work. Oh well there is not much left to do, just finish the vanity and do the plumbing.