Monday, May 18, 2015

Damn The Plumbing Kicked My Ass

The headline says it all. After two days and I'd guess $200USD the plumbing is finished. BTW, I missed the estimated number of trips to Ace and Home Depot by at least a dozen. In the end I did it the way I wanted to from the get go, using PVC instead of the crap they sell for sink install. PVC is cheaper (less than $20USD for the whole install), easier, and with no slip joints there is zero chance for leaks.

Some day I will learn.

On to making drawer fronts and a small wall cabinet.


  1. Learned long ago, never start plumbing after the stores closes, cause you know for sure, there will be a few trips back and forth...

  2. Hate plumbing. If it's not crap components, it's somebody's previous (and problematic) repair or install. I built a walnut vanity below an IKEA sink and could not believe the flimsy drain kit it came with. Finding the right components to tie it into the ABS wasn't as easy as I'd assumed.

  3. Just be sure to have the right tools and equipments when you start your home plumbing

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    As Robert Dremers said. I buy what I think I will need and start working early in the morning of a day where the stores are open. It is amazing how many intermediate pieces you may sometime need to connect two things.

  5. Thanks guys,

    I've been up to my neck in midstream projects.

    The wall connector was 13/4" male threaded and the drain needed two 90s plus the "p" trap and connection to a 11/4" slip joint. Once I lost the chrome fittings and went to black PVC it was an easy job....Just one trip to the Orange Box and a hour on my hands and knees.


  6. Very true! When the shops close I put my tools down especially when I don't have all the necessary bits and pieces. Tried once before and learned the hard way as I lost a lot of water and ruined my flooring. Had to spend a lot more on renovations because of a miscalculation. I guess you learn the hard way.

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