Sunday, May 31, 2015

If There Were a Purgatory......

The bottom level would have you installing tile for eternity.

I spent the weekend being MsBubba's gofer and tile cutter as she finished installing the sitting room tile. I had the easy job, at least most of my day was spent upright not on my hands and knees.

The good news is this is the last major project. We brought this house five years ago knowing that while the house was solid it needed major updating but felt it would be worth the effort because of the land the house is on. It is close to both our work places (less than fifteen minutes) very close to downtown yet peaceful and quiet with total privacy and a great view from our back garden of the valley and the Santa Catalina Mountains to the Northeast with the Tucson mountains to the West.

The view to the Northeast:

Not as good a photo but its what I have. The view of the Tucsons to the west:

There have been times over the last few years I've questioned that decision.

Bottom line....every room in the house has had a major redo, the sitting room is the last.....No mas, no mas. Well except maybe I'll have time to spiff up the shop. Everything in the shop with the exception of my work benches was either pocket hole built or repurposed junk cabinets pulled out of the house. It is time to make the Taj Mahshop.

But in the meantime, because I can't sleep, I think I'll go sharpen some iron or maybe make a little box.  Of course Sam the Wonder Dog has other ideas, I think they involve treats or maybe just an ear scratch.


  1. Are you going to be open for tours once the Taj Mahshop is done?

  2. I know very well what you are going thru. Serving in the military for most of my adult life, we have moved around the country and did over numerous house projects. Currently the house we retired in is approaching the end of its renovations, but she is talking about moving yet, one last time, IF we find the view we want, preferably along the Bay of Fundy coast. I firmly believe that house renovation is a disease and we are both sick...:-)
    Good luck with your Taj Mahal of tools, that's what my wife called my "a few houses ago" supposedly retirement garage.

    With apologies to readers who may take offence to this reference, we meant no disrespect.