Friday, January 23, 2015


I've had so much fun building the new pantry for the kitchen, I'm beside myself.

Between work and WX it took several weeks to finish painting the doors. Once the last coat dried I eyeballed where the 35mm holes should go and drilled 'em. As Charles Pierce says "Will he see the rake"....Whap, damn right in the face.

The bottom holes on the bottom two sets of doors are just one of those thin red ones off for the doors to hang where I want them. After much butt scratching and having serious conversations with myself ranging from "hang the suckers" to "where is the axe" I found some two part epoxy wood filler to fill the holes. I'm waiting on the filler to dry enough to flatten and re-paint. Then re-drill and finally hang those suckers.

The good news the pantry is near the finish, the bad: Once MsOK returns from Texas I know she's going to start ripping out my bathroom tile and the process starts all over, just in a different room.

Waiting for the putty to dry:


  1. Ouch. That hurts.

  2. Yep, my own fault for being distracted and having extended the build over a couple of months....It is kinda like in the Sim, if you are not careful you can lose the story line. If you are not totally into the work at hand you should back off until you are....In the long run it will save lots of time and the job will probably be finished about as quickly. Will I ever learn? Wish I could say yes but I expect it is no.

    BTW, the doors are cleaned up and ready for touchup paint. I expect they will be hung sometime this week.