Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One Base Unit Finished

Except for chopping the long stretcher mortises one base unit is finished and one to go. The first base pulled up square with only a couple of small gaps, fine furniture, no go without figuring out how to hide 'em, but for a workbench it looks good to me.

I picked up 48 BF of 8/4 European Beach for the slab yesterday. Once the other base is finished it will be time to rip the Beach and glue up the slab. The BenchCrafted screw and crisscross has been shipped, this sucker may be in the short rows soon. 



  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Have a look at the latest post of Will Meyer.

    He makes suggestion about combining the Lake Erie screw with the BC crisscross.
    If you put the long rails a little lower, as he suggest, the base will be slightly shorter (the rails being already done). But the mortises might interfere with the lower rail of the "base units".

  2. Sylvain,

    I was too far along in the build when Will posted about the crisscross to change placement of the long stretcher. For this build I decided the easiest option was to go with the metal BC screw and crisscross and then maybe build another using a Lake Erie 2X screw with the crisscross but building with that in mind and sized as needed.

    Or conversely after trying the crisscross I might decide a parallel guide and pin is the best way to go. If that happens all I'll need to do is make a new chop and backing board for this bench and then sell the BC screw and crisscross.