Friday, June 14, 2019

Marking Out Base Legs

The fun part of the build starts with marking out the base unit legs. While I've done this a few times it is always a good idea to go back and review the process.

I'm making a couple of changes this time, while I've marked the legs and stretchers with chiseled Roman numerals before I've always marked on the non-show side and usually just one side. This time I'm chiseling the numbers on both edge and face sides of each leg and stretcher. When glue up time comes there should be no question where the faces are and what tenon fits which mortise.

Depending on glue used and temperature, bench glue up can get a little frantic when working alone. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way and it is a workbench dontcha know.

The basic reference lines are marked, now it is just extending the marks around the legs and marking out the actual joints. 

The lower stretcher and the long stretcher joints are marked on the edge face and the middle mortise and top bridle joints are marked on the reference face. Easy to get confused when you are old and confused most of time anyway.

I was late getting to the shop this morning (honeydos) and it is already too hot to do much more. I have a late shift tomorrow so maybe tonight of early AM tomorrow I can finish marking the legs and start chopping mortises Sunday.


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