Sunday, June 22, 2014

Work OnThe New Bench

I'm out to the shop in a couple....need my coffee fix to kick start the old body....but can't spend too long putting it off. The WX man is calling for 105F today, this time of year heavy work needs to be finished before 10:00 AM then break until late afternoon before picking it up again. Makes for some nice afternoon naps but sure slows progress on whatever you are working on.

MsOK had other plans for me yesterday so I didn't get the second four board "unit" glued up but saved the fun for this AM. I figure I can have it glued and ready to move before I have to go to the Tile Store with MsOK.

I'm still conflicted on the base, the Honey Locust is heavy enough to work well but has a strong figure. As I'm making a "pretty" bench I'm not sure it will look good with the Beech slab. I may pick up some Soft Maple for the base or even some more Beech and save the Honey Locust for some table tops.


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