Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bench Slab Final Glue Up

The final glue up of the slab is in the clamps. Later today I'll pull the clamps and move it aside to free the bench. I've 60 or so BF of 8/4 Honey Locust for the base that I hope to rough dimension this afternoon and if all goes well glue up the rough blanks for the legs and stretchers.

I doubt it will happen as the temp is forecast to hit around 105F and it is already warm in the shop....I expect the 105F forecast will be passed early and we may see 110F. Over 105F and it is pool and tall cold drink time, the shop can wait.

BTW, final slab dimensions will be 645mm wide, 2300mm long, with final thickness TBD. There will be an 80mm split off center, the front will be 370mm wide with the rear 195mm, the bench will have a Paramo 53 face vise on the left, dog holes along the front and near the middle, a bench jack, and no end vise, wagon or otherwise. The final height will be 900mm.

I've tried lots of bench configurations and different vises, face and end, over the years. This bench is the result of finding what works and what is used. As everyone works differently it might not work for you but I expect it will be close to a perfect bench for me with everything I need and nothing extra to get in the way.

Two views of the final slab glue up with the front slab on the saw benches:

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