Friday, June 20, 2014

Started Glue Up

My ass is dragging, it was well over 100F today and I spent the day slinging 8/4 Beech around the shop. The joy of a one man shop. All the lumber is rough cut. My plans are to true three sides and glue up four boards at a time. Once I have enough four board units glued up to equal the width of the 20" planer I will glue the four board units together and true the fourth side. As the planned width of the top is 610mm (24"), after truing the main slab I will glue the edge boards to the main slab and hand plane them true.

MsOK can help me move the four board units around the shop but once I have the main slab glued up I'll need help moving it and running it through the planer.

When the slab is finished I will build the base. My neighborhood wood man had 60 BF of 8/4 Honey Locust for a fair price so it looks like the base will be Honey Locust. I'll do the base joinery once the slab is finished. The legs I'll get glued up maybe this weekend.

Because my benches are getting simpler with every build, this one will be a quick build.  If work doesn't interfere I could have it finished in a couple of weeks but I expect a good EFD will be near the first of August.

The first four board unit:


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