Saturday, May 10, 2014

Table from Hell Finished

I'm walking away from the TFH, it is what it is. The only problems are the joinery is first rate, draw bored M/T joints, and because of the drawer MsOK will like it. I expect I will be dead and long gone before the TFH goes.

If ever a piece deserves Goodwill this is it yet it will be there reminding me every day just how bad a screwup I can be......kinda like a wife.


  1. I genuflected before I looked at the picture. Looks good for a TFH.

  2. Ralph,

    Just don't get too close or look at it as a woodworker, SWMBO will like it because it fits next to the couch and has a drawer. In fact I got email approval from Scotland this morning, oh well it's Goodwill's loss.

    BTW, the top is Black Limba, I may post another image to show its figure, the wood data base says it is easy to work, not my experience.