Thursday, May 01, 2014

Life Comes Full Circle

Last week we drove to the Texas Gulf Coast for the boy child's 30th B-Day, with the critters, Sweet Maggie Dog and Sam the Wonder Dog. With the dogs, MsOK and my OF's bladder along for the ride what should have been a 17 hour drive came close to 20 hours each way. Still not bad, about the only thing better than a diesel's road song is the Wing's while running TBMRITS (The Best Motorcycle Road In The States), I-10.

We spent the weekend in Sargent Beach, a typical old Texas beach down and waiting for the next tropical storm to blow it away. Just the kind of place I grew up in as my folks were hunters and fishermen. Only this time I was one of the OFs drinking beer and watching the kids have fun. Life doesn't change, just the players are replaced.

BTW, while in Texas I picked up my VTX1300 from the boy child, he wasn't riding it so it might as well be home. Even though I did my first Iron Butt SS1000 on it, it really is just a bar hopper which also isn't bad. It will be nice to have a bar hopper for quick runs around town.  

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