Friday, January 31, 2020

Tool Storage

While I may not go "full Ralph" the chair making tools need a home. Currently they are mostly on a shelf over one of the benches but some are scattered and stored other places. My thinking is to maybe have a tool chest just for chair tools.

That leads to what kind of chest, how big, should it fit under one of the benches or be on wheels, and how "fitted" to the tools. I've made and used both classic western tools chests and Japanese tool chests. They both work, the Japanese is an easier build, the western is prettier (maybe, kinda, depends on your taste).

My western tool chest is stuffed to the gills so it is out but another smaller one could be built. I have an empty Japanese style chest that is used with a portable bench and the motorhome.

I'll spend some time seeing if things will fit but I expect it is a little big and I expect whatever chest I decide on will require a few individual boxes for some of the cutting tools.

BTW, just what I need, another project. Then again I may just go sharpen some chisels and forget about it.



  1. Boxes are our friends Ken.

  2. Ralph,

    You sure you do not need to escape winter? I know a nice warm place with. no snow and a great shop. Sweet Maggie Dog would share her bed and she doesn't snore too loudly. You could make a ton of boxes in the warm shop.:-)


  3. I second his generous offer Ralph, escaping winter is nice :-)
    I have yet to get started on my tool holders for my intended kid`s tool storage.
    Maybe you`ll inspire me Ken :-)

    Bob, back were the white beaches take on a different meaning and temperature :-)

    1. Bob,

      Nice and cheap as well. Although we have had a hard Winter, it got down to 0*C a couple of times and may get there tonight. I expect our two weeks of Spring to be here in a few weeks and then on to Summer.

      I'm leaning towards Japanese tool boxes, quick and easy build but work well plus I have a ton of cut nails.