Friday, October 12, 2018

Making Crossgrain "v"

Ralph over at Accidentalwoodworker posted about making a "v" for sawing cross grain. I've found the best way to make the v-cut is to use a long paring chisel and cut cross grain vs. with the grain, Here are some photos of the process:



It makes a much cleaner "v" than doing it with the grain.



  1. I have a set of Buck Bros paring chisels that I will be trying out on this.

  2. Personally I used my German carving knife No 8, my all time fav knife at the bench.
    Quick and easy

    Bob, who sneaked down to the shop for a few more mods around my bench

    1. Bob,

      Bogger and my iPad still do not play well with each other. Whatever, I have several #8 carving knifes on my bench. I didn't know they were #8 carving knives, just that they had a comfortable handle and my preferred blade shape for a marking knife :-). It is nice to learn something, thanks to you and Mr. Google.


  3. How did your insurance claim with UPS turn out? I will soon ship a Stickley server I made cross-country and I am dreading it. I have seen news reports here that UPS won't pay if you don't have a professional appraisal. After all the work I put into it, the thought that they will trash it makes me ill.

  4. Andy,

    I just received a call from UPS that my check for the claim will be received within 3 weeks. There was no appraisal but I paid UPS to pack the table, I expect that was part of the successful (maybe) outcome.

    Good luck with the shipping. I'm at a loss as to what is best, pay UPS to pack and then if damaged accept payment that really doesn't cover the loss. Or build a crate like CS does and take on the risk.

    With Levi's new chair the problem will be solved by driving it to Houston over the Holidays. The UPS shipping charges will pay for most of the gas to get there and back plus I'll take the portable bench and tools so I can repair Abby Rae's changing table. Kinda win win.