Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fitting Long Stretchers In A One Man Shop

As much as I enjoy building workbenches I'm getting too damn old and weak to wrestle the big hunks of timber around the shop by myself without lots of breaks.

This morning I cut the tenons on the long stretchers and I'm fitting them to the base if my back holds up.

Here is a photo, the first two are fitted, two more to go:

From the other side:

It is a good thing it's a workbench and a traveling one at that, there are a few more boo-boos and tear outs than I would like. None will affect its function but....

After fitting the stretchers they will need to be marked for the wedge mortises.

I should go find the lumber for the slab today. If I don't it may be awhile before I get another chance.



  1. Without making them big 'em, I thought the draw bore pins were nuts and bolts.

    1. Ralph,

      That's funny but I can see how. I got the stretchers fitted last night. Today my two main projects (other than cleaning the house for MsBubba's return) are to cut and glue up the slab and clean up the two base modules.

      Getting the vise installed is a little fussy but whatever the fat lady is backstage warming up.


  2. This is what happens when a 747 pilot makes a "portable" workbench. :-)


    1. I recon that bench should easily fit in the back of a C17 Globemaster III :-)
      ... and since it is pegged M&T it may fit inside a Bombardier C series jet :-)

      Bob, running and ducking pieces of critter art form from the desert

  3. Steve D4:30 PM

    Make that same structure out of foam, wrap it with carbon fiber and epoxy and you have yourself a fine traveler.

    Tabs or eyes near the feet would let you anchor it so the lightweight bench doesn't lead you around the campground.

    Another more mundane approach could be to have hollow box section with fillers laminated where joints are. That would buy you stiffness from the cross section and lightness from the hollow. May come in handy at the border too!

  4. Andy, Bob, Steve,

    You guys are too funny.

    Just wait until it is finished, you'll want one to :-).


  5. Yes you are right Ken. And you can drop it right here literally across the street from me, YZX :-)

    Bob, who often sees AC flying over low for some reasons