Sunday, April 08, 2018

An Organized Shop Is A Sign Of A Sick Mind

Over on one of the woodworking forums is a thread asking for photos of member's tool storage solutions. Of course this is a chance to show your shop which many have, myself included.

If there is a common theme to the photos it is most are too damn clean and organized. There has always been two camps, one has every tool having a place and every tool in its place. The other, every tool's place is where it was last used. Both groups seem to work efficiently unless a tool is either moved or misplaced.  I tend to fall in the middle, tools have a place but I'm not anal about it. That said, from my experience over many years of dealing with maintenance folks the last group tend to be a hell of a lot more fun to have a beer with after work.

Anyway, the posts started me thinking about what my shop looks like mid-project and that is today's subject. I'm in the fitting of joinery stage on the traveling workbench and here is my shop as I left it last night.

Main Bench:

Joinery Bench:

There is a little of every tool in its place but mostly where I last used the tool.

Moving on:

I've had a recently rare three days off in a row, for a year or so we have been running back to back lines with usually only one day off before starting another line or two. It is not sustainable and as much as I like my work if it keeps up retirement will soon follow.

To add to the three days off in a row, I will not say enjoyment but at least to the interest, the critters and I are living with no adult supervision for the next couple of weeks. MsBubba is in the UK for her Mom's 90th Bday.

Here's a whisky to Mom and 90 years vertical and looking down at the grass, cheers Mom.



  1. I guess I have good mental health.

    1. Ralph,

      Welcome to the club. Someday I may go over to the dark side but it hasn't happen in all these years. BTW, I like building benches but it is getting harder and harder handling the big timbers and parts.

      I didn't post anything but your last refurbish is really pretty.


  2. I too is in excellent mental health when it comes to my shop... but physical dangers lurks everywhere....
    Danger, danger Mr. Robinson...:-)

    Bob, still sipping coffee

    1. Bob,

      I'll bet most of are but I do question those folks with perfect tool cabinets and even a little extra space. Too much time figuring out where to hang things and too little making furniture.

      I've almost finished off the morning pot but never fear the FSI pot is always on as you well know pilot's lounges.

      I've a new instructor check out this afternoon, first of three days, four hours each, sitting in a dark box with nothing to is good.