Wednesday, April 25, 2018



The travel workbench is finished, kinda. The next time I have a reason to pull it apart I'll clean up the pencil marks, finish rounding off the tusk tenons and put some oil or finish on at least the base . None of that changes the bench functionality and the bench is fully functional as is.

I've done all the major jobs on it, edge and face plane, saw rip and crosscut, plow a groove, and chop end grain and the bench is rock solid, as solid as the main French/English bench.

Now comes the problem, where to put it. It is too good to just store in the Motorhome and only use on trips. I'm thinking I can move the assembly bench to under the wood storage and replace the assembly bench with the travel bench. Or I could give the assembly bench to MsBubba for her studio. What to do, what to do?

In some ways it is a nice problem to have but here is the sick part....I'm already thinking about making another one but slightly scaled up.



  1. Well if you are going to build another one, bigger, then you may as well give that one to Mrs Bubba... Either that or you can air drop ship it across the street from me, literally :-)

    Bob, always there to help with dilemmas :-)

  2. I started laughing out loud when you said you were thinking about building another one, but scaled up. I think all of us who are your regular readers need to help you come up with a different project. :-)

  3. You guys are too funny:-), but Andy is probably correct, it may be time for an intervention. Bob you need to be careful, once I actually retire, if ever, you could hear the whine of a turbo diesel out front bearing gifts from the desert.