Friday, May 19, 2017

Pfeil Carpenter Chisels

As posted before I need more chisels like another hole in my head but....What can I say, the Pfeil chisels are very nice and at a good price point. To paraphrase Fabulous Frank, "Chisels will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no chisels", or something like that.

Of course when I made it home with the new chisels I had to re-arrange the chisel racks and find spaces for the new ones. The good news after much butt scratching and several test placements I found useable homes for all the chisels except for the crank-neck glue scrapper from Woodcraft. For now it will live in the center fill of the main work bench which is not a bad place for a beater chisel to call home. BTW, I can find many excuses to not make anything...Oh damn my chisels need re-arranging, that rocking chair will just have to wait.  Look squirrels!

Here is a photo of the behind the main workbench chisel racks. There are two more racks, one over the sharpening bench and the other on the wall over the jointer. They are all full.

If the rest of the Pfeil chisels work and sharpen as well as the 19mm "test" chisel, I expect they will be used interchangeably with the Ashley Iles chisels.

My downsizing of the shop, of course, is not going well, it seems I throw or give away one thing and two replace it the next day. I swear someday there will only be 10 lbs of stuff in the 10 lb bag, but it may take awhile. Right now the biggest problem with space in the shop is wood storage. I have some very nice wood stored but because without fail nice sized cutoffs (and some not so nice sized) end up on top of the stored wood I can not get to it with out moving, I will not say tons of cutoffs, but a bunch of cutoffs. With the way the back is acting up I need help getting everything organized and MsBubba has been off playing Grandmother and when she's home our work schedules do not match. Oh woe is me. Whatever, I expect there is a nice weenie roast in the near future.

One of the things I'm going to try is using 50 gal trash cans to hold shorter cutoffs. It probably will not work any better but what the hey it will at lest make it easy to move 'em to the fire pit.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. Almost right Ken. You got the e and the i right, but it is Pfeil, with a f instead of an h. They pronounce it like file with a P in front, P-file. ;-)

    Good luck with them. I'm sure you will be happy with these, when they are as good as my Pfeil gouges.

  2. Kees,

    Thanks, I know better but my fingers don't :-). And the spell checker doesn't help because it always shows Pfeil miss spelled however you do it.

    BTW, damn fine chisels.


  3. Have got any useless numbers from the new gizmo with the Pfeils yet?

  4. Morning Ralph,

    It's good you got some relief from the heat.

    I had a "test" 19mm chisel when I was running the numbers last week. The numbers were all the same as the Ashely Iles chisels, one of the reasons I went ahead an filled out the set. Someone like Kees can tell how much Chrome is in, IIRC, the k-510 steel but I expect it is not much. I would prefer none but that's hard to find these days.


  5. Wow! That's a lot of chisels. There's nothing wrong at all with having so many if you enjoy them. It's funny how we all have our ways.

    As regards cutoffs, they regularly overwhelm us, so my solution is, I have two clean garbage cans to store them in and when they are full something has to come out in order for something to go in. The rest go to the fireplace. I think your plan will work as long as you limit the number of cans.

    It seems like you could store them outdoors in your climate.

  6. Andy,

    Red faced and stubbing my toe....I do have a tool jones and chisels are like crack. I've been trying to cull the herd for sometime but...they seem to multiply with out my help. At least that is my story.

    I think we are on the same page per the cut offs, I've added three 50 gal buckets to hold longer cutoffs and it will be one in and I hope two out for awhile.


  7. Ahhhh you cannot have too many chisels, there are so handy and there are so many varieties...:-)
    I love my Pfeil carving tools, I am sure these chisels are equally as good

    Bob, who only has 51 chisels in his arsenal