Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Has Sprung and Passed On To Summer

I can't let Bob and Ralph have the last word on Spring, Ours hung around for a week or so and now we are into early Summer. The good part of Summer with hot days, cool nights and RHs in the single digits.

From watching The English Woodworker's videos I picked up a new tool. He sharpens a chisel with a 80 degree or so bevel turning it into a scraper chisel. All I can say is I wish I had know about doing that years ago.

I'm making a panel lid for the peanut's toy box and I can't express how much easier it is to fine tune the tenons to fit using the scraper chisel. I saw to fit and usually get pretty close but most of the time small adjustments are needed on some or all the tenons. Just like a scraper on a panel the scraper chisel takes off fine shavings leaving a great surface. Not that anyone will see them.

This will be a short post, Sam the Wonder Dog has decided I'm his pull toy this morning and when 110 lbs of dog pulls on your sleeve it's hard to ignore.  


  1. Hi Ken
    Good to hear that you are in the early summer already.
    Our spring has folded back into winter again..
    We had snow yesterday and some hail today.
    In the eastern part of Norway they had almost 45" of snow over night.

    I hope you had a nice walk with Sam.

  2. BTW Ken, all the green stuff that Bob and I have in our pics is called grass. Do they have green rocks in Tucson?
    On another subject - have you ever tried to use a Clifton iron in the LN planes in your herd?

  3. Jonas,

    Look at it this way in a month or two I'll be in the middle of several weeks of temps over 38C and RHs in the 20s. All good things have a price.

    Yep about the only thing he didn't do was bring his lead :-).


  4. Ralph,

    Yep I remember what it is, one of the happiest days of my life was the day I sold the John Deere. Only on St Pat's day.

    I've had one on order for almost a year. It should work with no mods but until I have one in hand I will not know. I've talked to Ron Hock about making some special order irons that are the same thickness as the LN and the cost he quoted wasn't too bad. What I've been thinking about is seeing if he would make some true replacement irons and chip breakers for the Stanleys.


  5. If i'm not mistaken, the Clifton irons sport that Record's innovation the Stay Set removable nose piece on the cap iron. I have Record Stayt set, and not too sure if its an improvement for sharpening, but heh!

    And NO I will not sell my John Deere tractor, I love it :-)
    And I don't care for Green beer on St Patrick day :-)

    Hi temp in the hi 30s tst tst, We like to bitch about our winters, Its a Canadian sport, but jokes asides like the diversity of all 4 seasons

    Bob, back in with Rudy, who was only wearing his outer Spring jacket

  6. Bob,

    You ain't seen nothing yet, in another month we will run days or weeks in a row with daytime temps over 43C and it is not unusual to see 48C. A couple of years back Phoenix airport closed because temps were over 50C and none of the airliners had performance charts that covered the surface temps. Once we are in monsoon season (last of July and August) with the RHs in the high 20s to 30s the nights are no longer cool. I'll pay for having too much fun with your winter. The hottest month is June because monsoon hasn't started but July and August feel hotter.

    I'm not sure a Clifton iron will be an improvement in the LN planes. It is the same thickness as the LN cutters but O1 vs. A2. This last weekend I sharpened the LN O1 iron in my LN 51 shooting plane and even though it was O1 instead of A2 because of thickness it took forever to sharpen. There is no getting around thicker irons mean more metal to remove.

    If the LN planes weren't such works of art I'd sell the lot.

    Sam and Maggie say Woof,