Monday, April 03, 2017

Maggie's Rock

MsBubba, Sam the Wonder Dog, Sweet Maggie Dog and I spent the weekend on Tucson's Beach aka Rocky Point, MX.  As always a great way to get away, Good WX, clear sea, and I even allowed myself a couple of beers with some tacos.

Best of all Maggie found her "rock". Maggie will try to fetch anything that is thrown including rocks. MsBubba was walking along the shore with Maggie and occasionally chunking a rock into the sea. Maggie would chase it, dig at it when found, and then they would repeat the game. This went on for several iterations until on one of them Maggie found her "rock" while digging in the sea for the thrown rock. She dove underwater picked up her "rock" and carried it to MsBubba's feet to be thrown.  After playing this game for awhile MsBubba distracted Maggie and they went on walking along the water's edge leaving Maggie's "rock" under water. When returning, as they approached the area where MsBubba left the rock, Maggie dove underwater and retrieved her "rock" dropping it at MsBubba's feet.

Only one thing to do, bring the rock back to the motorhome and keep it. The rock is now back in Tucson with us, I weighed it this AM and it weighs in at a healthy 10 lbs.

A photo of Maggie and her rock:


  1. Hi Ken
    That is remarkable. I can see that there was no other options than to take the rock back home.
    At our place Bertha is temporarily grounded, since she is beginning to stretch her territory. And at some point she will either run away or disturb some neighbours or get run over by a car.
    I guess that 6 month age of a puppy sparks some adventure in at least a Newfoundland dog.
    Our old Newfy actually took a "vacation" on herself and disappeared for 3 days in total at the same age.
    Maggie looks to be lot more sensible :-)

  2. I spent last week in Tuscon. We've had 49" of rain here in Portland since October 1st and I needed to make sure the sun is still here. We stayed at Gilbert Ray campground near Saguaro National Park. Beautiful place with fantastic weather--80 during the day 50 at night. We were in a tent and the night sky was just unbelievable. The only downside was my dog Buffy got some sort of cactus ball thing in her fur and rubbed against my leg. Even with tweezers I couldn't get the dozen or so spines out of my leg. They must have barbs or something.

    We didn't go into Mexico because of concerns about ICE. We went through checkpoints but they just waved us on. They don't seem to be interested in old white people.

  3. Jonas,

    Not much, Maggie has a couple of favorite "sniff" spots down the street and anytime one of the doors is left open she will head there. Sam could care less, it would get him too far from the treat shelf. The car thing worries me the most.

    A woof to Bertha,


  4. Andy,

    Glad you had a good stay, it doesn't get much better than the desert this time of year. I'll bet Buffy ran into what I call "jumping" Chola. Nasty stuff, if you get close to it it will impale and stick.

    BTW, I still remember and talk about my first winter in McMinnville, how it rained every day from Oct to June.

    The Mexico part is no problem. The US side is just a PITA, the best that can be said is it gives a bunch jobs to folks who would otherwise be unemployable and keeps them off the street corners.

    Next time you are in the area let me know and we can meet for a cup of or a beer.


  5. Good story, love these littles glimpse of our pets life. Life is so much less complicated when you are a dog isn't. Rudy could not drag a 10 pound rock, nor that he would care to, but give him the same size and weight in bacon.... all bets are off :-)

    Bob with Rudy who went to his cousin's groomers today, he look and smell good :-)

  6. Bob,

    The old saw about need a friend, get a dog is so true.

    I have to say if I hadn't seen it happen I would ask the teller if he was from Texas. I'll bet 10 lbs of bacon would be bigger than Rudy, a video would go viral.