Monday, December 05, 2016

The Woodworkers

A while back Lost Art Press published a two volume set of Woodworker Magazine's articles during the Charles H. Hayward years with the surprising title; "THE WOODWORKER: The Charles H. Hayward Years".  The contrast between the re-published articles and those of woodworking mags of today is chalk and cheese.

The books have been my bathroom reading for most of the last year. It is like having the best woodworking magazine always available and with no ads for the latest and greatest dovetail jig. A third volume should be shipping this month. The first two are on tools and techniques and the third will be about joints.

You can't go wrong putting any or all the books on your Winter Solstice gift list.

BTW, I made a new dovetail marking jig last night. The old one worked ok but was just a thin red one out of square. I will not know for sure if the new jig is dead nuts square until I use it but by every measure it is dead on.



  1. I appreciate the recommendation. I read the excerpt that was made available online and it was good.

  2. Andy,

    There is a lot of information in each of the articles. After watching the "death matches" on SMC forum over setting the back iron/chip breaker, to see how casually it is treated in the WOODWORKER brings home just how much knowledge we have lost. I expect if you order a copy you will enjoy the amount of good information.