Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Journal Entry

Just a warning, todays post is a journal entry. Before Blogs I kept a journal, not every day but often....Kinda like I Blog. Lately the Blog has been more about woodworking than anything else because I've been doing woodworking more than anything else. On to today's journal entry.

The last three or so weeks can best be described as interesting....And that is where I will stop. I wrote a lot of boring stuff no one but me would care about and it was too boring even for me. The short version: The last three weeks have been spent dealing with a series of un-related health issues. None of which were serious but enough to keep me from working. As a list: Type 2 diabetes, passing a Kidney stone, Tearing my right biceps tendon, and last a week of bronchitis that has kicked my butt. 

I've a journal entry so a couple years down the road and I try to remember when and what happened I can see a date and a list.

Maybe something on the tool chest lid or another tour of the shop in the next post, hell even a post on sharpening would be more interesting. Whatever, some bright object will catch my eye. 

BTW, the 'Wing is in the shop, I figure with my soon going part time I might have time to do a couple of RTE's. The Dirty Fat Girl may run TBMRITS (I-10) once more. 

See you guys on down the road,


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