Thursday, January 07, 2016

Sawing the Tenons

The Grandpeanut's chair is coming along. The mortices are chopped and I've started sawing the tenons. The first fit right off the saw with the exception of cleaning up a small bit of left behind "stuff" on one of the shoulder.  Sure is nice when it works that way, when it doesn't it can really slow the process.

I'll drill all the mortices for the draw bore pegs before I fit the rest of the stretchers. That way I can mark the tenons as I fit 'em. One time together, mark the tenons, pull it apart, drill the tenons, back together and peg that sucker.

Here is a photo of sawing a tenon:

And one of the bottom stretcher fitted to the back legs:

I'm still undecided on finish. I'm leaning towards BLO or Tried and True on the legs and seat but painting the stretchers with a black Milk Paint undercoat and red Milk Paint overcoat. 

I've a couple of weeks to finish the build, I may not finish both in time for shipping to Houston before his birthday but I hope to at least have a photo of the finished chair and table by the big day. The peanut, I'm sure, could care less, but it would make Grand Bubba happy.


  1. Good progress, should be doable Just In Time (Tm) :-)
    You and Ralph makes me itching to start some M&T project, maybe his saw horse/mitre box stand..

    Bob, with Rudy shaking his head appropriately :-)

  2. Wouldn't you love to build your own woodwork project? Check this out:

    I guarantee you will love it.

  3. Bob,

    Yep, it is coming along. If I can find a little more shop time I might even finish it by the big day.

    M/T's are fun, just whack away until it looks like a mortice and even if you screw up everything is hidden as long as the shoulders look good. Unlike DT's where your mistakes shout to the world.


  4. Ah yes that Ted's woodworking plans scam thinghy...pass!

    I have cut my mortise many ways, but my favorite is by using a Pig stick mortiser. So much primal fun to bang away :-) For a simple looking tool, it is quite sophisticated, the way the handle register the cutting edge and etc, I just love it.

    Bob, getting ready for yet another hospital trip. Heather is still battling a kidney infection... :-(

  5. Bob,

    Don'tcha love spam. Every time I try to build from plans the project is never finished. My mind and skills are not suited for that much regimentation.

    I see this morning Ralph got him a new pig sticker. I may do a blog post with photos and maybe even a short video on how I use mine. Will not happen soon, too many other thing to deal with first but.....

    Sorry to hear about Heather. Hope you'll get to come home soon.