Saturday, January 09, 2016

First Dry Fit

I haven't cleaned up the tenons. There's not much to do, I just need to chisel off the trash at the base of the tenons and they should pull up nicely.

I wanted to get an idea how the finished chair will look, at least how big it will be so I rough fitted everything together. None of the joints are pulled up tight and the seat slat is just something out of the cut off pile that was close to the correct length.

If you squint and look sideways it kinda looks like the finished chair. I expect I will shape the legs and back a little to lighten the look and for now I'm planing to use BLO on the legs and seat. The stretchers I plan to paint with milk paint, black under coat with a red finish coat.

Anyway, I'm getting into the short rows on the chair with the table to follow.



  1. Looking good, says Bob Squinting :-)
    Maybe put on some sort of telescoping legs so it can grow along with the peanuts :-)

    Bob, walking and ducking. No danger of snowball coming from AZ ha ha

  2. Bob,

    The last "winter" storm put snow on the tops of our mountains. We could see the white tops as we drove to and from Mesa yesterday. Be careful, I might be able muster up enough snow for one good AZ snowball.

    Enough geeking, the coffee is starting to kick in, and the shop should be warm enough to work by now. It's off to battle the nasty bits at the bases of the tenons and get this sucker dry fitted.