Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Home From Houston

I gave in and flew the peanut skies to Houston and back.....That will not happen again, seventeen stinking hours or not it makes no never mind, I will not step foot in an Air Carrier again if I can drive. I hope they open a Chunnel to the UK before I croak.

I made a few photos while in Houston, most will be trashed, a few will be sent to the peanut's Grandmom aka MsBubba and his Mom and a couple will be added to my work. This is one I couldn't resist:

Click it to big it.

Not much will go on in the shop other than tool maintenance for a couple of weeks. Work is crazier than normal crazy, guess I have to pay for taking a few days off.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. He he that picture look a lot like a scene from my backyard,
    beer belly and all :-)
    Mind you we tend to dress a tad warmer these days...

    Bob, with a six packs abs :-)

  2. Bob,

    Those should be called "Texas Bellies", as you know everything is bigger and better in Texas :-). BTW, I should have put the camera on self-timer and joined the line up.

    The peanut sat at the table for a couple of seconds then went right back to the red wagon we got him to go along with the table and chair. Mom liked both. Of course that was to be expected, I figured he would have preferred the box it came in over any of the other gifts.


  3. Ken,
    quick question - Yea or Nay on secondary bevels on pig stickers?

  4. Ralph,

    Yes, primary about 25*, the secondary about 35*. That's off the top of my head, I'll try and post a photo or two with measurements off the chisel tomorrow. Too beat tonight to do much more than sip a whisky before bed.