Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It Is Good To Have A Travel Bench

MsBubba wanted a storage shed and the other day while at Costco she spotted a prefab shed for an ok price, a little cheaper than I could build one and a little faster to erect as well. Not as good but good enough for the job.

I build the base fondation (in the background) yesterday and this morning started putting all the pieces together. That's the bad news, the good news; I needed to take the travel bench apart anyway to plane and sand off the making marks so I might as well set it up in the back garden to work on.

It has been a back saver. Everyone needs a portable bench even if you do not know you need one.

About half way through "insert tab UZY into RBV, secure using screw ACX" I was wishing I'd went ahead and just built from scratch. I expect we will start the building, putting the structure together, tomorrow.



  1. Ah you gotta love Chinglish instructions..There is no F... way this ACF is fitting into XYZ !!!
    Good luck with it :-)

    Got plug for the bench, true, it is a back saver

    Bob, who roto tilled today and could have used some sort of back saver

    1. Bob,

      Everytime I say never again, but I'm just a Charlie Brown.

      Yep, as easy as the bench is to move around I expect it will see a lot of back garden and maybe even in house duty.

      There is a reason I live in the desert :-). Our ground would laugh at a Roto Tiller.


  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    "Honey do shall be delivered the day before they were asked for".

    You never have enough benches... er clamps.
    I also see a picnic bench which is better than nothing (with the help of some clamps and a piece of 4"X 4" to be used as a kind of apron).