Saturday, May 12, 2018


A couple of days ago a client was in the "snake pit" filling out a FAA form on one of the computers. I had typed him several years ago so we visited for a bit, he mentioned he would like some good BBQ. I don't need much excuse to fire up the pit and with MsBubba in Houston visiting the kids instead of in the background kvetching about "dead cows" and smoke it is a done deal.

Cut to the chase, I was almost out of pit wood this morning so I got the pit warming up but had to go buy enough wood to finish. This time they didn't have a good selection but did have one short cord of Pecan for $100 USD. Zero on Oak in stock and they said it might be mid Summer before any came in. That's maybe bad news because I want some Oak for chair parts as well as pit wood.

Anyway, here is the brisket a couple or three hours from being finished:

The day has been windy so the pit has been a little fussy but no big deal, it gives me an excuse to forget the honey-dos and enjoy minding the pit with whisky in hand.




  1. Hi Ken

    I am sure that some where on the honey-do list, there's a task which says something about keeping the spirit up and be happy.
    Barbecue is probably just what she means.


    1. Jonas,

      I'm not sure, that woman is a slave driver, I tell you a slave driver :-).

      About four hours after the above post I cut into the brisket, it was so good. One of the best briskets I've ever BBQed. Wish you could have been here,