Thursday, June 16, 2016

Motorcycle Update

I went by the motorcycle shop today to check on the status of the insurance on my 'Wing.  Not much has changed, their adjuster hasn't done anything at this time so my settlement is still on hold. They did mention they would make me a good deal on one of their used stock 'Wings.  I'm not too interested in another 'Wing, they are great bikes but my riding needs, if I have any, have changed. But during the conversation I mentioned that a couple of years ago I had tried to buy back the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 LT I had traded in on the 'Wing they just burned to the ground and wondered if they still had the V2K.

To my surprise it was stored in a back room, dusty but still all there. I'm not saying I'm going to re-buy it but.....Damn I loved that bike much more than I ever did the 'Wing. The 'Wing is/was a wonderful tool, one of the best Iron Butt bikes ever made but it has no soul. The V2K on the other hand is nothing but soul, shiny in chrome and paint, with two coffee can pistons throbbing between your legs as you feel direct contact with the world and machine around you. Like I said, damn I loved that bike.

A few photos of her:

MsBubba on the V2K in a gas station Winkelman, AZ as I rode the V2K home from the dealer. I must say she wasn't real happy with me at the time. Like most women, too practical. Her question was: "Why do you need another bike, the one you have is perfectly good." Of course there is never a good answer to that question.  Later when she saw the 'Wing for the first time she said "Take that ugly thing back, I want my beautiful bike back."

A glamor shot near Gate's Pass:


A younger and thiner OKGuy near Winkelman, AZ:

Crossing the bridge at Lake Roosevelt, AZ:

Stop light in Globe, AZ:

One last photo, camping in the White Mountains:

There was one through the windscreen with the speedo over 100mph but No need to bore you more :-).



  1. Hi Ken,
    the V2K is really a soulful bike. I like the feeling of a twin engine.
    Personally I prefer the parallel twins :-)
    Great pics.


  2. Stefan,

    One of my first bikes was a Bonneville 650, of course I wish I still had it but that is true of many motorized objects that have passed through my life :-).

    If the motorcycle shop gets serious on the price the V2K may follow me home. If not then it gave me a chance to revisit some fond memories.


    1. Ken,
      well said. If it would be possible to store all the motorized objects, that would be great :-)
      Good luck with your bike affairs.


  3. Those are great pics Ken, you have an eye :-)
    That V2K look like a Japanese copy of the glorious Harley's but without oil leaks... and other idiosyncrasies.
    I bet she is a smooth runner

    Bob, battling rodents nesting in my engine and gremlins in my PC.
    If I find a rodent nest, inside my PC im declaring war on them grrrr

  4. Bob,

    A couple of links: and


    If they do not work google pack rats.

    They are cute little critters but damn they can screw things up. Anthropologist use their dens to date sites because of their gathering habits. One of their favorite objects to gather are dog turds, We had one that would nightly make these great "art" installations of a few rocks and many dog turds just out side the bedroom door. I kinda hated to see him/her go.

    Thanks on the eye...In a past life I was very involved in the Houston Art World with work in The University of Texas Permeant Collection and several other collections. I also served on the Houston Center for Photography's Board and ran their annual print auction, then life interfered and I had to start working for a living. BTW, all that plus $5 USD might get you a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.

    The V2K is like a train running down the Interstate, crosswinds, trucks, make no never mind she just tracks where you point her.


  5. That last line tracks where you point her, is really what a good bike should be, that V2K sure sounds sweet :-)
    I looked at those links and your old blog entry on your bikes, neat stuff :-)
    Bob, who finds it hard to cook for 1 so i invited often peoples over for supper:-)

  6. Thanks Bob,

    Your reply got me to thinking and I went back and reread some of the posts. I had a good time riding, still could with a little more time off but I'll nix the IBA rides.

    Is is hard, when I'm home alone it is usually the local taco shop or stuff out of the fridge and standing at the kitchen counter. I expect for now other folks around helps. Take care,