Sunday, August 30, 2015

Canceled the Shoulder Repair

The title says it all. As the week progressed the shoulder hurt less and less and by Wednesday I had near full range of motion. My Mama didn't raise a fool (well except concerning money, tools, and women), I canceled the surgery and will start PT after Labor Day.

Starting soon will be a weeding out of extra tools. The photo below is of some of my #3 size planes and it is one of the smaller groupings. I expect I will keep the LN #3 (not shown), the PhillyPlane, and the Stanley type 9 and sell the rest.

The #4 sized are a larger group. Of those I expect to keep two LN's, two Stanley's one a type 9, and the LV.

The #5 group is smaller than the #4's but still too many but I can make some excuses for keeping several. Of this group I expect the Stanley type 9 and maybe one other Stanley along with the LN will make the cut.

Bottom line, it a week or so I will post a "buy it now" listing a couple of days before listing on eBay. My guess is I will start with the #3's and work up to the #8's over several weeks. All the planes are good users, most with Hock or LV O-1 irons and chip breakers. With one or two exceptions all the Stanley's are type 13 or earlier. 



  1. I'll be looking over what you have to offer. I need more planes about as much as I need a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Who knows there may be something offered up that I can't live without.
    I hope the PT works for you - surgery should be the absolute last option IMO.

  2. Ralph,

    I should start posting some planes and chisels shortly after Labor Day. I need to make a couple of decisions first such as: Sell with the current Hock or LV iron and chip breaker or re-install the OEM iron and how to ship at what cost?

    I agree, when I scheduled the surgery if they had said they needed to cut the arm off I would have said "go for it Big Guy" but as the day approached the shoulder improved to where it is now. Not perfect but good enough to just fade into the background of old fart aches and pains. Dodged that bullet for awhile anyway.