Saturday, December 13, 2014

Moving Wood

I can't keep a lot of wood, shop is too small, but I have some stored. One of the problems with storing wood in a small space is keeping it organized and accessible. Organization and accessibility go hand in hand. Over time as wood is brought into the shop and used every thing becomes haphazard, at least that is the way it works here at Casa Chaos, and finding a piece of wood for a project becomes difficult. In fact so difficult it is quicker and easier to run to the wood store to buy what is needed for the current project when you know full well that somewhere in the pile is the perfect hunk of wood. It has been that way for the last several months.

Of course one of the hindrances to straightening out the wood stores is facing wrestling around 10' long 8/4 hunks of Sepele, Oak, and Beech. My old back can only take so much before it starts whispering No Mas, No Mas and the whisper soon turns into a yell.

There I go building a clock.....Bottom line: I needed a 250mm wide board to make a replacement stool for the one I screwed up during glue up and I knew there was something in the wood pile that would work. After moving most of the wood on the bottom two racks, I of course found several that are perfect. Finding the boards forced me to move so much wood that I might as well straighten out the wood pile as I replace the moved wood back on the racks.

Bottom rack will be for full length 8/4 or larger lumber with some long 8/4 cut offs. Next rack up will hold full length 6/4 and 4/4 boards and the top two racks will be mostly shorter cut offs.

Will it help? Maybe for a few weeks.

MsOK loves bonfires on winter evenings, she now has one hell of a stack of expensive firewood for her fires. When she gets back from Texas maybe I'll get an attaboy.

Wood in bottom rack. Yes I know it should be stickered but.....second rack almost done.

Some of the cut offs to be racked;

The top two racks....What a mess, I expect MsOK's bonfire pile will grow some more:



  1. Hey if you don't want to burn some of those off cuts and they are sizes and woods good for making things like spoons I'd be interested in throwing you a couple bucks for them. I'm in Tucson as well. Message me if you're interested.


  2. Mark,

    Email me I'd be happy to give you some cut off.


  3. Ken do you have any problems there with the wood on the cement floor?

  4. Ralph,

    I have stickers under the bottom stack so no problem with the cement, just tough to move those heavy suckers.