Monday, December 01, 2014

A Couple of Small Boxes

It's that time of year when you are expected to go to work place Winter Solstice parties and make nice to folks you do not know and some you wish you didn't know.  As with all work related social event they are never win win. The best you can hope for is you do not step on your dick too hard and/or walk out with no one remembering you were there.

Grump, grump.....

We are going to MsOK's this week, I lucked out on mine because MsOK will be in Texas and gives me a perfect excuse to miss. On to the chase.....

We are expected to bring a "White Elephant" gift to MsOK's. I have a couple of small boxes that are "seconds" squirreled away in the tool room. I expect one or both will end up belonging to someone else before the week is over.

Nothing big wrong with either, I expect unless pointed out only an another craftsman would notice but of course I will have to point out the faults. It's kinda like picking at a scab or scratching an itch, it can't be helped.

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