Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Second of Three

I milled the leg blanks for the second of the three side tables for MsOK. My plan as of now is to make this one with Cherry legs and top and with Sycamore aprons. Of course that can and likely will change as I work on the build.

I went to the wood store yesterday to pick up some Walnut, Maple, and Cherry. Everything but the Cherry was slim pickings and even the Cherry only had a couple of 8/4s that were good enough to bring home. When I asked about the lack of stock, I found out they had a big sale last Saturday...for some reason I was asleep at the wheel and didn't know about it....Oh well I was working and would not have made it anyway.

I did find a couple of nice 8/4s Beech boards, short only 8' long but wide, may use them for the third table instead of Maple. While there I noticed a Frankinplane Stanley No 113, I've been looking for one for awhile but the nice looking ones on eBay are a little high to take a chance on and the others are just too rough looking. My experience with eBay is a 30 to 40% "burn" rate even when you know what to look for and even though you can send it back by the time I pay shipping and the hassle it isn't worth it....just eat the 'burn" and add it to my knowledge base. Even though the 113 was a Frankinplane and needed a different iron and chipbreaker the rest was in good shape plus the price was right.

Once home with it, I dug through my stock of spare plane parts and found a good iron and chipbreaker. I also discovered the frog screw was missing a washer and was sticking through the frog touching the iron, the washer was a little harder to find than the iron and chipbreaker but I used one from a junk No 3.  Once together it worked beautifully.

The milled Cherry leg blanks:

The Stanley No 113:

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