Monday, September 11, 2017

Traveling Tools

Bob asked "What was in my tool box?" At the risk of boring everyone and spending all day one finger typing on a iPad here goes:

In no order other than kinda how they ended up on the bench:
Bench hook, made after arriving at the RV site.
2 doe's foot, one made at the RV site.
2 Kreg plastic dogs.
LN bench brush.
#5 with cambered iron.

Here is the list of tools in the tool box. I've used most of them or have plans to.

#3 with smoothing iron.
ECE Rebate plane.
LV Large Router Plane.
LV Med Router Plane.
LV Carcass saw,  rip and crosscut.
LV Large Tenon saw, rip and crosscut*.
Plow Plane with ¼" cutter.
LN Small Rabbit/Block Plane.
LN Block Plane.
400 Atoma with stone holder**.
Med India in holder/box.
Hard Black Ark in holder/box.
Oiled hard leather strop.
Chisel Roll with ¼" to 1" A. Iles chisels, Wheel gauge, and LV Spokeshave.
6" Double Sq.
12" Combo Sq.
75mm Combo Sq.
LV Saddle Sq.
LV 1:8 Dovetail Marker.
2 Small Dividers.
150mm Steel rule.
5 Meter Tape.
Bird cage awl.
LV Winding Sticks/Straight Edge.
Small Box of Drill Bits.
¾" Foster Bit.
2 Marking Knifes.
Parrallel Guide Pin.
Pencils and Markers.
2 Holdfasts
2 Hammers***.
Danish Oil.
6 Light F Clamps.
10X Lope.
Sanding Block.
¼" Wood Shim
26" Stanley Hardpoint Saw and 240mm Ryoba (not in photo).
Spirit Level.
Mortise Pin Gauge****

*May not keep in tool box for the next trip.
**Stone.Holder is not needed.
***one hammer is a RV hammer but will add a small Plane hammer.
****On order from Amazon, I can't believe I forgot to pack one.


  1. Steve D6:21 PM

    I am impressed that you can fit all that in the travel box. That is a kit that would be awesome for home use. Just the right things without too many duplicates (utility knives and pencils!).

    How much would you say the box weighs when full?

    Well done. Now I need my own version for my home away from home. And a bench...


  2. Steve,

    It is a pretty good kit, while I may add a couple of cutters there really isn't much I've missed. The tool box is heavy but if need be I can move and load it by myself, bad back and all. Easier with help but....


  3. Man that bench looks even better in location. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what you make.
    Take Care,
    Chris form Florida

  4. Chris,


    It works pretty good. I've made a couple of small boxes and some needed bench appliances on it so far. One of the boxes was from pre-dimensioned wood, the other I four squared. Both will likely end up in the fire pit before leaving this RV site.

    Mostly it has given me something to do between driving duties 😀.